Rage Battery did not ship my wheelchair batteries

Ellensburg, Washington 6 comments
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I purchased new batteries for my chair on eBay from Rage Battery on June 3rd 2012. He took my money but seems to have vanished. No responce from email and his phone has beeen disconnected. His auto reply says he will be out of the office until August.

Since I cannot afford to buy another set of batteries untill I get a refund, my ability to get out has been severly limited.

PayPal will try ro recover my money, but my chair has been torn apart in my living room for 3 weeks now waiting for new batteries.

Isn't stealing from the disabled supposed to be the lowest of the low?

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I've done business with Rage for over 5 years-all was great and alway delivered-- until asl year, when I reorderd my usual replacement SLA's.however this order was delayed by 14 days until it finnaly arived, but this time I received not the "factory new" batteries, but rather an assortment of "refurbished junk"!

I complained, but no response.. Apparently "HE" was planing to "take a trip" sorry to hear of his plight, but all good things usualy have an end.

These days one just can't trust anyone if there is money involved!..Apparerntly he is out of business....


Rage Battery stole my money back on May 7th. Can not get any response from customer service or even one of the owners J Lewis.


Kid_Rock, be sure to pursue Paypal restitution and file a complaint with the San Diego County Sheriff\'s department e-crime unit.Most likely they will assign a case number and you will have to also make your complaint with local law enforcement.

That complaint will be forwarded back to them. You must do this to clear our system of fraud so more won\'t suffer theft.Contact UPS where he lists his mail dropbox and complain. You should also complete forms for the FBI IFCC, internet crimes unit. Look up his home on google to see his million dollar plus home and compare his lifestyle to yours in the unpowered wheelchair.

Is that a boat in his driveway on google earth?Disgusting.


Kid_Rock, be sure to exercise all your dispute means through Paypal.If you are persistent, Paypal will refund your money and close/lock his account.

This clown took my money and the very next day he disconnected his phones, website and so forth. He has to be pretty low hanging *** to cheat the disabled out of funds needed to power the wheelchair from the comfort of his extravagant home. Take the time to look up his address on google to see the fancy house he lives in. He lives in a Million+ home but does business from a UPS dropbox.

Be sure to send a fax demand to the fax number for restitution.Your long distance phone bill will be proof of your demand.


Fortunately my deal with this sleezball was through PayPal and the got my money back for me.There has been a lot negitive feedback for Rage Batteries since my post.

(he had 100% positive feedback when I ordered).

It seems since 7/5/2012 he has just been ripping people off.Good luck getting a refund.


Disconnected telephone and website after charging my CC.

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Rage Battery - Order not filled, no email resonse

Jackson, Michigan 0 comments
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I would recommend against buying from this company. I ordered four batteries from them on Feb. 18, 2008, paid, and never received them. I sent Rage 3 emails over an period of three weeks and never received an answer.

Additionally, they don't answer the phone. All you get is a message machine telling you to email them!!!

I filled a complaint with the San Diego BBB. They told me that Rage was a member of the BBB when I placed my order and that they were bound by their agreement to participate in binding arbitration.(Rage is no longer a BBB member)

My arbitration hearing is on 22 August, wish me luck.

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Rage Battery is not responsive

Tucson, Arizona 2 comments
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Rage Battery told me to return batteries that had failed within their warranty. Since returning the batteries, I have not received replacements nor have I been able to contact them.

Using Google to search for Rage Battery, I see they lost their BBB accreditation on 4/23/2008. I found several serious complaints from customers. It appears to me that they are no longer functioning as a business.

In the past I have placed at least two orders with Rage Battery and received good pricing and service - but no more. Use caution and consider other suppliers before ordering from Rage Battery.



I too got ripped off by Rage Battery. I wrote a nregitive reviw on this site too. PayPal got me a refund but only after a long wait. Its been nearly a month but I'm finally zooming around on my wheelchair again. No thanks go to Jerry Lewis (Lewis, Jerry jerrylew2000@yahoo.com)

Lewis, Jerry jerrylew2000@yahoo.com


I made an order 7-18-12 and phone line doesn't go through.I have done business years ago with them.No more,still wating for my order.There on vacation and not really giving a *** about there customers that need there orders a.s.a.p.There's better companies at there price or lower that will not *** over.do not buy from them.

Rage Battery of San Diego

Houston, Texas 0 comments
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Seller claims to ship orders in 24 hrs. but in reality order was shiped after 7 days.

Unnable to contact by phone since all inquireies are to be sent by Email but not a single Email was answered out of three.

Seller apears on San Diego BBB where he posts two phone number for his business; one, an 800 toll free one that does not belong to him and the other, a voice recording that directs the customer to Email all requests.

Bottom line....very dissapointed in this seller and would recomend that you do not place any purchase orders with this retailer!

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